Monday, June 22, 2009

Be Careful What you Wish For.....

There are many times that I just crave uninterrupted quiet. A time to sew, sip a cup of tea and catch up with my favorite magazines.....a time just for ME!!!!! Well, this is that week and I have to admit it is not all I thought it would be.
Jim is in Washington DC, and I am getting lots of phone calls telling me about what our home there looks like after all these years and how darn cute the town still is.
Meghan is in Palm Springs with all of her best girlfriends. This is an annual girls trip and she did call to tell me how much fun she is having.
Oma bravely took the Amtrak to SLO so that she could attend the Christening of her newest Greatgrandson Matthew.
So I am spending lots of time with the friend that is still hanging around. Its not all that bad.....just a tad TOOOO quiet.
But I have managed to catch up on my Bunnyhill blocks. They are all stitched they need some embellishment and embroidery.
I shouldn't complain to loudly, because I do have one dear friend who is working out to be delightful company. Of course she is not my best friend when she is laying in the middle of my newest quilt top when I am trying to measure for backing.
But I am trying to enjoy the alone time as much as possible. In a few short days everyone will be back again and we are all going to visit Jonathan, Jill and our new furry grandchild Munich ! So time to get back to my pals Elna and Bailey. A time for "piece" and quiet.....and that isn't all to bad!!!!


Julie Isa said...

Hi! I found your blog by way of Alyson Fellars and oh so glad I did!!! Love your blocks! Love the 'sweet' quilt and I love the 'peace' quote!!! I thought I knew who you were! It's been a long time since I've seen you. Time flies! Hope your enjoying the quiet time with your kitty and you get a lot done! Wishing your family safe trips and good returns!
Love Julie

GUGAW said...

aww what a cutie - dont you love the way that cats like to get involved by planting their bottom in the middle of whatever you are doing!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love your house in DC. Now that's what I call a house!!! lol
Your quilt at the end of the post is adorable.