Sunday, June 21, 2009

How could I have known?????

When I was a little girl, the Sister's would march all of us into the church for Mass. I can still remember as I said my prayers, I would always say one for the "boy that I would someday marry". The prayer would be simple...that he would have a happy day. This is one of my favorite photos of Jim....relaxing in Cabo San Lucas. I would say it was evident that he was having a very happy day!
Years later I met the boy I had been praying for...and we were married in the church where this photo was taken. The years have flown by.
Our two little children have grown up and married those that they had prayed for. Our family is now happily blended into having four children that we love and adore.

Jim's heart is large enough for many children and when he visited Meghan's second graders there were hugs for all.
He has developed a passion for photography and his talent is very evident. This is the photograph he gifted me with on Mother's Day. We have it displayed at the top of the stairs and I can never walk past it without loving the picture and the man who took the photo.
This year's Father's day has been far. I treated Jim to breakfast at a lovely cafe near the ocean and then we went to the Del Mar Fair to see the photograph he submitted for this years competition. Jim has much to be proud of....the family he has raised and supported and the talent he continues to develop.
There will be many changes this year beginning with retirement which is seeming very real as each day passes. And yes....we also found out some really exciting news today. Apparently on Father's Day we have been gifted with a "Grandpuppy". A sweet German Shepherd named Munich!!!! Jim will be visiting the newest addition to the family on his way to LAX today as he gets ready for a trip to DC.
I am grateful for all we have shared and I look forward to the years that we will be blessed with in the future. I have to finish by saying that when I prayed for the "boy I would marry ", I could only have hoped he would be a great Dad too. I do believe in the power of prayer and God blessed me abundantly when he gave Jim to me as a husband and as a father to Jonathan and Meghan. Happy Father's Day sweetie!!!!!

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