Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Girlie Girl.....

I have to confess.....I am happiest when I am surrounded by flowers, and pink just happens to be my favorite color.
My hydrangeas have just exploded this year. I have bouquets for the house and can't gaze often enough at this delicious scene in my front yard.
The garden is looking closer and closer to perfection as we tippy toe into of course!
Everywhere you look in our home you will see flowers and more flowers......
Even our outdoor furniture is decorated in bouquets of goodness!
The flowers don't stop at the garden, they are equally abundant in the inside of our home. I know all the home dec books and magazines scream neutral, but when I snuggle into my indoor flower garden with a great book I am in Heaven. does my poor husband survive this girlie girl obsession? Well, I DO encourage him to display his photography!!!!
But better yet, he does have his "man chair" and not a flower on it! A man has to take a stand where he can, and although it is a very small stand, the chair does scream "no women allowed".
And if you are wondering how I am surviving my alone time.....very nicely, so far. Yesterday I had my own quilting retreat. A day of sewing, a quick and enjoyable visit to Fat Quarters for inspiration and a sweet fabric of course!!!!
I treated myself to Pick up Stix for my lunch/dinner and after a full day of satisfying sewing I took a drive and treated myself to an ice cream sundae too.
So Jim had better get home pronto. Another day of this and I might be making a floral pillow.....and it just might land in HIS chair!!!!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG Anne your flowers are just beautiful!! And did you say Pick Up Stix?? OMG we dont have them here and I'm craving.
Love that man chair!!!

mary said...

Hi Sweet Annie!
This is completely selfish but I love all the extra posts we are getting with Jim out of town! Your flowers are so lovely; please bring your fat quarter purchase to class tonight so I can see the pinks! Rose will love that. Hope you are having a "June Gloom" beach day today (oh boy, another blog pix possibility!).
Big hugs!

Yaya and Papa said...

Your flowers are beautiful!! Are your hydrangeas in full sun or afternoon shade or???

Guess I am a "girlie girl" too love, love , love flowers and floral print fabrics!

GUGAW said...

wish i could grow all those beautiful flowers!