Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Tradition to Cherish....

There is much to celebrate in this season....but one of the most joyous for me is the tradition of St. Nicholas. My mother always made our Christmas time so enjoyable, but we always looked forward to St. Nicholas and what we called our "Little Christmas".
My mother bravely left Holland after the war....leaving her family, to follow my father and what they believed would be a greater opportunity for their children. We always honored our heritage, and my Mother's home is a reflection of the country she embraced and the country she left behind.
Every corner of my Mom's home touches my heart. This Dutch pewter bowl is filled with the first ornaments my parents decorated their tree with. I remember these ornaments well. They bring me back to the magical times of Christmas as a child.
This was the first ornament my Mom collected when she found out I was expecting her first grandchild. It always finds a place of honor on her bookcase...and now I am awaiting the birth of my own grandchild. I love that life is a continuous journey, and that traditions connect our past with our future.
My Mom proudly makes all of us a Dutch Letter....a chocolate initial that is a symbol of the St. Nicholas holiday.
We embrace the strength and spirit of my Mom. She is loved and cherished.
We are blessed to be family, and how grateful we are to share our holidays together.
We share a wonderful meal...
......which includes foods from Holland.....
....and endless desserts.
We share gifts...mostly made by hand and given with joyous hearts.
A sweet baby dress that Oma made for Clare.
Stacks of lovely and practical potholders, both festive and useful.
A lovely scarf to keep us warm.....
....and cozy.
The continued tradition of White House Ornaments....
.....and the youngest generation passing out the Dutch chocolate letters!
These days are precious, and we hold them close to our hearts. We are grateful for family that understands the importance of tradition and finds joy in celebrating this time together. We are grateful to Oma whose sacrifice makes this celebration possible.
There is much to celebrate in this wonderful season, but somehow this tradition is the one that touches my heart. I love that we honor my Mom....I love that we all share the magic of St. Nicholas.


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

A great time had by all!! Very festive occasion!

SheilaC said...

I love the bowl of vintage ornaments from the first American tree!!

Love all the pics!