Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here is what I have been doing.....

....baking cookies, LOTS of cookies. I want Santa to have a very good time when he drops by!!! I have made Biscotti's, Peanut Blossoms and just found a recipe for something called a "Buckeye" on one of my favorite blogs. Oh what did I do before finding the magical land of blog???
Ok, back to the kitchen. Funny thing is I can't get any of the elves to help with the cleaning part!!!
I hope your homes are full of joy and comfort....and LOTS of cookies too!!!!


SheilaC said...

Buckeyes?? I have been making those for years! (chocolate covered peanut butter yummies?)

too funny


Meghan Hein said...

Can't wait to sample each and every one! Thanks for your email full of wisdom. How could I be so lucky to have you as my Mom? I love you!!!! PS How cute was Ruben's hug today?

Carol said...

Buckeyes are soooooooo yummy!

MvR said...

Lol, I know, what have we been doing without the internet!!

Hope you have fun, can't wait for the pictures :)