Saturday, August 24, 2013

A VERY Fun Week.....

Our week was spent with the most delightful little Miss.  

In the mornings she would come all bundled up in her car seat....

 ....and in moments after Mommy would leave, 
there were lots of hugs and cuddles to be had. 

  We adjusted to Emme's routines....

...and then I thought I would introduce her to MINE!!!!

I would peek over from my sewing machine to coos and smiles. 

I worked on this diaper go with a dress I had made before.

Sadly, they were to SMALL. 
 I guess our little Miss is growing MUCH to fast.  Next week I will try again!!!!

Not ALL sweetness and light. 
 This adorable little girl is one "poop making" machine.  OH MY!!!!

Our afternoons were spent like this.

 I would read out loud and Emmerson would listen intently to each word.
  I am hoping to fill her bitty mind with dreams of England.

It will be HARD not to read ahead....but I promised Emmerson to not read without her!!!
BTW.....if you are looking for the MOST wonderful book, this is it.

Looking forward to our darling Emme visiting again next week. 
 Jim and I just looked sadly at our empty baby swing while having morning coffee.

She is the most adorable little lady. 


Yvonne said...

Aren't those Oma and Opa days the best? Miss Em is growing like a weed and so cute, she looks like a happy little girl, it must be a joy having her around.

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

The perfect way to spend the day! She is adorable!! Can't wait to get Susan's book! I am planning in going to her book signing next week!!!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You truly are Sew Blessed...

Beverly said...

Oh my goodness Annelies. She is adorable.(As are all your grandbabies). You must be in heaven.
How sweet that you read to her from an adult book...never thought of that. I haven't got mine yet, but must get by SP soon to get mine. Can you believe Susan Branch will be there for a book signing. I can hardly wait. This would be a good time to come to Bakersfield for a visit...