Monday, January 27, 2014

Road to Overwhelm.....

Did any of you go to "Road to California"????

I had gone many years ago, and thought it was time to go again.  

Oh my....was I ever overwhelmed!!!  

Each booth was filled with inspiration, but equally filled with shoppers.
 Sometimes I waited patiently for a few people to go out, and I would venture in.

The happy news is that I got to visit with some of my favorite people.

This is Suzanne from "Strawberry Patch".

As always, the booth was CUTE BEYOND CUTE!!!!

I fell in love with this was unavailable!!!
If anyone knows a source, please enlighten me. 

I loved this pattern too...SOLD OUT!!! 
 I did find a source online.

This pattern was SOLD OUT too...and I was there early on the second day!!!
I did find an online PDF....

I thought this could be a cute scrapbusting table runner.  

One highlight...I think my friend Chris is getting interested in a Longarm Machine.

Now if I can only convince her to practice on MY quilts!!!!


Yvonne said...

This reminds me of Houston! And yes, it is overwhelming isn't it? So much fabric, so many ideas and inspiration. It is just a quilter's heaven. Did you buy some fun things?

Linda in Calif. said...

I didn't make it this year. I love Suzanne and Strawberry Patches too. Nice to be able to see her booth. I want to know too, did you buy something good?