Friday, November 7, 2014

The Best of Friends.....

The internet will never cease to amaze me.
I can be transported to anywhere in the world,
 and over time I have made friends that I never could have met otherwise.

Yvonne is from Holland and has the most delightful blog.
 You can read her blog  here. .... just use the translate button to go from Dutch to English. 

Yvonne is from Holland....and we connected when she began reading my blog.
I love her blog too, and so does my Mom.

SEW Yvonne ( who travels endlessly) wrote that she would love to come visit us.
We were beyond excited!!!!

Yvonne even attended my ALL DAY ( 12 Hour Class)
 and wowed us all with her " all done by hand" Dear Jane quilt.

  Oh my!!!!  Her energy was jet lag for Yvonne!!!! 

By the end of our sewing day
 she had completed a Dresden Plate Wallhanging.

Yvonne made LOTS of new friends...
and enjoyed our endless potluck too.

She continued to sew on the kits that I had cut for her....

...and by the end of the day had completed project two!!!

I came home knowing I had made a friend for life.
How lucky I am that we met. 

We talked about our next visit ( hopefully for longer), 
 and we even talked about exchanging homes in the future.  

I would SEW love to meet her "Bee" and I know she would love to visit here once again.

My Mom and I fell in LOVE with Yvonne.  
The sweetest and dearest lady and we all have so much in common.

I am SEW blessed to have spent time with Yvonne...
and looking forward to doing it again. 


Betty Lou said...

It's a small world ,especially with quilters. Wonderful story.

Yvonne said...

Oh my Annelies, you made me blush from cheek to cheek! What a kind words, it was really so special for me too. I loved the short quality time we spend and meeting your family and especially your Mom who is the sweetest.

Beverly said...

What a special story. You two made a connection in so many ways.
Glad to see you are still doing the classes you love so much. Really nice that your Mom got to spend time with her too. It is a small world in blogland. Miss you.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Now that is so awesome!!! I'll check out her blog.