Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Birthday Season.....

February is a very busy month.....full of birthday surprises.  
Always so much joy to gather as family to enjoy each celebration!!!

 Our sweet Donovan is now FOUR!!!

He is following in his Father's footsteps....literally!!! 
 He completed a one mile run at Legoland. 

Then two weeks later he ran in a 5K to support a fundraiser for a family friend.

 He is gathering medals....just like his Daddy!!

He is certainly a GOLD medal winner in our hearts!!!

 Can it possibly be....our dear Clare is a very grown up FIVE year old!!!

There was a very special birthday party to celebrate the Princess she has become. 

The Theme was "Farmer's Market".

The day was filled with delicious treats
 that were both healthy and fun!!!

 Mommy made this incredible cake from scratch.....
it went so quickly that both Jill and I did not have a piece!!!

From the joyful faces of all that attended, it was yummy indeed!!!

 Big HUGS for a clever and talented Mom 
who worked so hard to make the day special!!!

 There were still MORE birthdays to celebrate....
since Clare was born on Daddy's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday my dearest Jonathan. 

 Little Emme dressed in her best Farmer's Market Dress....

Donovan helped to supervise the present opening. 

 Oma Oma made the most delicious cookies....

....and little sister Laurel gave out hugs and kisses for all that attended!!!

It has been the most joyous month....but I want to give ONE more birthday greeting. 

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful husband, father and Grampie!!!!  

Now on to the March Birthdays!!!!


Leesie said...

Oh dear - February got away from me! Please give Jim a huge birthday hug from us... we think of you often and hope we can pull together a spring gathering!

Yvonne said...

What a happy month february is with so many birthdays to celebrate! It is hard to believe that Claire and Donovan are already 4 and 5. The days are slipping away like sand between our fingers isn't it. I started babysitting Rosa again this week because Kelly luckily found a job and than realized it will be only for 6 month's because she will be 4 this summer and go to school in September.......