Friday, October 7, 2016

Happy Birthday Season....

Birthday Season is a very busy and joyous time for all of us. 
There are parties to be enjoyed....

....and treats to add to the celebration. 
Emme pointed to her favorite. 

Then she thought it was best to take a bitty taste
 to make sure she had selected the best one!!!

 There were gifts to unwrap....

....and those wonderful gifts made by hand and given from the heart. 

We love birthdays....and in our family they go on and on!!!

We decided that Oma's birthday deserved a very special feast. 

Oma was spoiled with TWO lobster tails....
and you can see from the smile she enjoyed them both. 

That was not the finish of the celebratory feast. 
Our server brought out an ice cream treat for all to enjoy!!!

The evening ended with a gorgeous sunset on the beach. 
 How wonderful birthday season is....and it was not over yet.