Monday, April 23, 2018

Busy Hands....

I seem to quilt without a schedule. 

There are times I quilt endlessly....
and times I can go without time in my sewing room.

Lately I have had a creative burst of energy and it has been SEW much fun.  

I enjoy all parts of quilting.

  Finding a great pattern, add some delicious fabric,
 throw in some James Taylor on Pandora and I am in quilting heaven. 

What really gets my creative spirit soaring is doing the quilting. 

I am grateful that I began quilting before there
 were Longarmers that did the job for you.

Sending a quilt out to be quilted is a wonderful luxury. 
Having to learn to complete the work myself brings me joy. 

I have an abundance of quilting stencils ( hard to find them now in shops).  

My students are curious about my obsession with doing my own work. 

I explain that I am easily pleased 
( lots of mistakes, but that makes me human), 

...and I can afford my own fees ( ha ha).  

There is just a peacefulness that comes over me as I design the motif,
and then enjoy the time to create the texture.

Hearts and flowers seem to make their way into each quilt. 

Speaking of HEARTS and FLOWERS....
I am participaing in a year long BOM,
 but altering their designs to suit my own likes. 

Five hearts for five adorable Grandchildren,
and my Easter basket is filled with flowers instead of eggs.

Always a joy to quilt....
and even more so when you are blessed to win an IG giveaway. 

Thanks to Donna at Lavenders Nest, 
I will have an adorable project to decorate our home 
for next Easter. 



Yvonne said...

What beautiful quilts you are showing.
I think a handmade quilt is the most beautiful too but sometimes the feeling I just want to start a new top and finish another wins and I bring a top to the quilter.
I become to like that work to.
Fun that you won a give-away! Enjoy the beautiful fabric.

sunny said...

I love all your color choices! I, too, do my own quilting, and while it isn't perfect, it's mine. I'm drooling over that Dresden quilt!!!