Sunday, April 29, 2018

In my dreams....

In garden is teeny. 

In my dreams it looks like the cottage gardens
 in England that hold my heart. 

I have an abundance of plants ....
just like I remember the cottage gardens in the Cotswolds. 

If there is a bit of soil....I can squeeze in a plant, a flower or a bulb. 

The reward is a profusion of blooms... abundance of color. 

Flowers are crowded together....and everyone finds room to grow and bloom.

When I walk the garden I am always enchanted to see the surprises. 

This morning it was to see a "Hardy Geranium" fighting for its bit of sun. 
 See the tiny soft pink blooms??? 

Simple geraniums are as magical.... tulip bulbs that arrived from Holland. 

There are memories in my garden, and I treasure them with all my heart. 

The bird house was made by my Uncle Arie. 

 He has been sadly gone for so long....
but my garden ( and I ) will never forget him. 

Gardens big and small, are such a lovely thing.  

We are soon to visit Tennessee, and looking forward to the Spring blooms
 that are sure to inspire my garden once we are home again.  

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

Your garden may be small but it is just as lovely as an Englisch cottage garden. You do have green fingers as we call it!